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Welcome to Burlington Auto Spa. You are about to experience The Ultimate Car Wash and Detailing Experience in the Longest Tunnel Wash in the World.


Did you know?


  • Washing your car at home, can use up to 560 L (148 gallons) of water for one washing.
  • Auto Spa uses only about 132 L (35 gallons) of water.
  • Soap and detergents used in home washing pollute the environment
  • At Auto Spa we use environmentally safe cleaning products
  • Runoff from professional car washes is collected and treated.
  • Hand Washing your car may produce scratches that dull the finish.
  • The paint on your car is less than five-thousands (.005) of an inch thick. This doesn’t place much of a barrier between the metal body of your car and the variety of weather conditions that exist throughout the year.
  • It’s been proven that weekly washing is the single most important factor in prolonging the appearance, as well as the resale value, of a car. Dirt traps moisture against the paint, and will promote rust. Cleaning a car’s finish weekly at Auto Spa will eliminate the corrosive action dirt, salt and pollution can create.
  • A professional wax leaves an invisible barrier on the paint which protects the finish from many harmful substances. Remember, clean cars last longer!


And there are many more reasons why Auto Spa should be your first choice…