windshield chip repair taller


Road debris often strikes a windshield and creates damage in the glass. Unless the cracking process is stopped, it will continue until the cracks or chips expand to cover large areas of the windshield.


If your windshield is only chipped or slightly cracked, we may be able to repair it by injecting a bonding agent into the broken area. This process restores the integrity of the windshield and stops the cracking process. A stone chip left unrepaired will eventually result in a cracked windshield.


The sooner you have it repaired the better. If the ding is small, we can most likely repair it. That means our technicians can “mend” the break without replacing your entire windshield. The longer you wait to repair it, the more chance the chip will spread; especially in cold weather, and if the chip gets too big, it may become irreparable. Also, if dirt and debris built up inside the chip a repair will be less effective. So call us today!


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