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Ghost II

Welcome to the future of car security with our Ghost II. This cutting-edge system employs advanced technology to ensure your vehicle remains safe and secure at all times. Here’s why the Ghost II stands out:

Immobilization Mastery:

Communicates seamlessly with your car’s ECU, rendering it impenetrable to unauthorized access.

Disarm with Precision:

Utilizes buttons on the steering wheel or dash for a unique and changeable disarm sequence, offering a personalized layer of protection.

Silent and Stealthy:

Operates without transmitted radio frequency signals, preventing hacking attempts and maintaining a discreet profile.

User-Friendly Customization:

Easily change your disarm sequence for added security, with the flexibility to make it as long as 20 presses.

Service/Valet Mode Assurance:

Keep your disarm sequence confidential even during service or valet parking, ensuring your security is never compromised.

Emergency Backup:

Access a secure and unique emergency code in case the disarm sequence is forgotten, offering a fail-safe option.

Key Cloning and Theft Protection:

Guards against sophisticated threats, providing robust protection for your vehicle.

TASSA Approved:

Our Ghost II Unit is TASSA Approved, verified by a third-party group of industry experts with backgrounds in police and security testing. Visit for more information.

Engine Immobilization:

The Ghost II Unit takes security a step further by preventing the engine from starting unless the disarm pin is correctly entered, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Elevate your vehicle’s security to new heights with the Ghost II Unit. Invest in peace of mind, knowing that your car is equipped with the latest in TASSA-approved technology.

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    Car Key Solutions

    Are you in need of hassle-free solutions for your car key needs? Look no further! We specialize in a wide array of services to cater to your requirements.

    Lost, Damaged, or Non-functional Keys:

    We utilize advanced key programming equipment to address issues with lost, damaged, or malfunctioning keys.

    Key Replacement Services:

    Whether you need a Replacement Car Key or a spare, we’ve got the expertise to program and cut new keys tailored to your specifications.

    Cutting-Edge Remote Head Keys:

    Stay ahead with cutting-edge technology! Our services cover the programming and cutting of Remote Head Keys, ensuring modern solutions for your vehicle.

    Seamless Access with Remote and Key Fob Replacements:

    Experience uninterrupted access with our expertise in Remote and Key Fob Replacements, ensuring your vehicle remains secure and easy to operate.

    Push to Start Technology:

    Embrace the future with our proficiency in programming keys equipped with Push to Start technology, adding a touch of convenience to your driving experience.

    Precise Car Key Programming:

    Trust us for accurate and reliable Car Key Programming, ensuring that your keys seamlessly integrate with your vehicle’s security system.

    Explore our Selection of Car Keys for Sale:

    Discover a diverse range of car keys for sale, offering you options that cater to your preferences and needs.

    All Keys Lost Service:

    Even if you’ve lost all your car keys, worry not! Our All Keys Lost service ensures you get back on the road with convenience and reliability.

    Convenience and Reliability:

    Experience hassle-free solutions for all your car key needs, backed by our commitment to convenience and reliability.

    Unlock a world of convenience and reliability with our specialized car key programming services.

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