Tar and Tree Sap on a vehicle is definitely a pain since they’re tough to remove. The professional auto detailers at Auto Spa have the tools and equipment needed to safely remove even the toughest baked-on stains without running the risk of damaging your car’s paint job. 

  • Tree Sap: With hot Ontario summers, many of us look for shade to keep our car cool which can often lead to finding tree sap on our cars. Tree sap can easily solidify and do damage to your car’s paint, finish and clear coat. If left for too long this damage can be irreparable.
  • Tar: Warmer weather brings construction, and construction sites bring Tar. One unlucky encounter with a construction truck can leave your car a mess! Tar quickly sticks to your car and is a pain to remove. No matter how careful you are, these messes happen! Don’t worry about ruining your paint, scrubbing and scraping it off. Auto Spa takes all the guesswork out on finding the right chemicals and products to safely remove this sticky mess!
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