For those who want to do it themselves

Need a wash on the go? Don’t have time to make an appointment? Auto Spa conveniently offers Self-Service Car Wash options. Take your wash to the next level in one of our many Self Service Bays. With plenty of features, settings and highlights available, you can customize your wash and ensure that the finished product meets your satisfaction.

Come check one out today, your car will thank you! 

Self Wash Bay
$4 for 3 minutes
  • Options include:
  • High Pressure Rinse: Designed for both pre-clean and post-clean rinsing of your vehicle’s surface.
  • Tire Cleaner: Designed to clean tires and rims. Our product is not based on silicones.
  • Presoak: Specially designed to remove dirt prior to washing vehicle’s surface with soap.
  • High Pressure Soap: Combination of water and soap to power wash your vehicle without a brush.
  • Foam Brush: Combination of brush
  • water and soap. Ideal for stubborn dirt (Please clean brush before use)
  • Tri-Color Wax: Red yellow and blue wax – same benefits as the high pressure wax plus extra protection.
  • Teflon Wax: Enhances the shine of your vehicle’s paint
  • and protects it against dirt and flying debris.
  • Spot Free Rinse: Our water is treated to contain low amounts of Calcium and Magnesium to soften the water and absorb any leftover wash chemicals.
  • $1 for every additional minute required
Invest in your car
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