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Scratch Repair Service

Our specialized team offers effective repair solutions for all types of scratches and paint damage to restore your vehicle’s appearance. Explore our services:

Surface Scratches

  • What We Fix: Light scratches affecting only the top paint layer.
  • Our Method: Polishing and buffing to erase scratches, returning your car’s shine.
  • Result: A smooth, revitalized paint surface.

Deep Scratches

  • What We Fix: Scratches that cut into the paint or primer, caused by impacts or sharp objects.
  • Our Method: Sanding, color-matched painting, and clear coating for a seamless repair.
  • Result: Your car’s look is flawlessly restored to its original condition.

Paint Chips

  • What We Fix: Chips from stones or debris, common on hoods and doors.
  • Our Method: Filling chips with perfectly matched paint for an even surface.
  • Result: A chip-free, protected vehicle exterior.


  • What We Fix: Marks from rubbing against objects or minor scrapes.
  • Our Method: Removal using specialized techniques, often without needing paint.
  • Result: A clean, mark-free finish.
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